Biolite Camp Stove – A Philippine Review

Hi everyone! Here’s my initial review of the Biolite Camp Stove. I was only able to test it once in the field and the tough test will soon come 🙂 I will update this review then.

I’ve been using my MSR Whisperlite Internationale for about 5 years now and I loved it so much. I still have it and plan to still use it during extreme climbs and treks. So how come did I acquire the Biolite Camp Stove??? It caught my attention when I was surfing the net and I was really excited to add one to my gear collection. I also liked how it helps poor families when you purchase one. You may get more information here

Biolite uses “biomass” fuel. Anything from leaves, dead wood, grass, etc. can be used to fire it up and cook food. However for some reason, coal is not allowed (this I still have to find out why). The first time I used the Biolite, I picked dried small branches and twigs along the trail and campsite. Firing it up was easy despite the wind. I had a good time frying some Chicken Nuggets and cooking rice. I also tested how fast it would boil half-a-liter of water. It took about 5 minutes!!! AWESOME!!! Now here’s the COOL part…… this stove has a built-in battery charger. What it does is that it converts heat to electronic energy which can be then used to charge small devices such as a cellphone, digital camera or an MP3 music player! It really worked and I was glad that I was using renewable energy 🙂 The best part was that it also helped my friends keep themselves warm in the cold weather just like a small camp fire. I’m really satisfied with it’s performance. I’m excited to use it again in our next adventure.

Thanks to the friends who made it possible for me to own this great stove 🙂

For being an innovative product and nature-friendly at the same time, that’s 5-stars in my book 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Biolite Camp Stove – A Philippine Review

  1. I would like to inquire if this is already available here in the Philippines? Where can we buy and how much? Thank you

    • Hi Jerome,

      As of now it is unavailable in our country. I ordered it online and a friend of mine brought it back to the Philippines. Will keep you posted if I find a store locally.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hi… thanks for your very informative review… im really interested with this device… kaso nga lng wala pa sa pinas… pls send us updates in case meron na to dito… thankß….

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting the site. Yes I will give updates as soon as this stove is available in our country.


    • Hi Jayvee,

      There are no stores yet in PH that sell this stove. What I can suggest is you visit the Biolite website and order online.
      Thanks for visiting the site.


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