Deuter Backpacks. …. reliable, tough and value for your money!!!

I’m not paid by Deuter to do this. I just want to share my experience with Deuter packs in my 12 year career as an outdoor buff and mountaineer.

My first Deuter Backpack was a Futura 22. Great pack and I used it heavily on training sessions. I really loved the Aircontact Technology which provided enough ventilation for my back. The price was a bit high but it was value for my money. I passed the pack to my brother after using it for 3 years. No damages whatsoever.

My second Deuter Backpack was a Futura 28. Yep another Futura. I wanted a bigger pack and I looked at a lot of other branded packs but they failed to impress me. Some packs were priced too high and they did not even provide the features Deuter had. I used this pack in a lot of my climbs and it never failed me. I had to sell it because I needed a bigger pack for my increasing inventory of outdoor gears.

My third Deuter Backpack and my current hiking backpack is a Futura 32. Finally a pack that meets all my requirements. I can fit anything I need for a multi-day trek. (Please note that all my gears are lightweight). I don’t plan on replacing it yet in the near future.

My Fourth Deuter Backpack was a laptop pack, the Deuter Giga Flat!!! I really love this pack. It has all the nooks and crannies I need to place all my electronic gears and gadgets. This has been my office pack for the past 4 years until  gave it to my youngest son. He needed a tough pack for his school books and what-nots. He enjoys using it and I’m glad he does 🙂



My fifth Deuter Backpack and my current favorite all rounder pack is the DEUTER GRANT!!! It has enough storage space for all my electronics and day hike gears. I love it and it’s my daily office pack.

I can testify to Deuter quality. You will never go wrong with a Deuter!!!

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