Merrell Kinetic Mid Hiking Shoes

The Merrell Kinetic failed me in terms of comfort………………


This was my first attempt to use a mid-cut shoe for my hiking activities after I suffered a severe sprained ankle around 4 years ago. I was pretty excited with the Merrell Kinetic Mid shoes. The vibram soles added much anticipation and I was very eager to use them right away (of course I had to burn them in for two weeks in the urban trail). The construction was great, really built like a tank and I knew I would never experience a sprained ankle again.

When I finally got to use the Merrell Kinetic Mid on the trails I was pretty much disappointed. The footbed was uncomfortable and I had dead toe nails after the long hike. At first I thought my feet would adjust but the second time then the third time I used them on a major climb, the same thing happened. I might have bought the wrong shoes  I told myself so I decided to buy  similar shoes (TNF Hedgehog GTX Mid) to compare. The TNF’s were way better in terms of comfort so I stopped using Merrel’s. Might be my feet were not really meant for the Merrell Kinetic Mid.

Just me I suppose.

I still give the Merrell Kinetic Mid 3-out-of-5 stars for build and durability. Oh the waterproof claim is true 😉