Princeton Tec Fuel




POWER 70 Lumens
LAMP 4 Ultrabright LEDs
BURN TIME 146 Hours
WEIGHT 78 Grams

The Princeton Tec Fuel served me well in most of my adventures. 70 lumens is enough to light the way when you need to. It is water resistant and I never had a problem using it during rainy treks and climbs. Battery life is also outstanding (3AAA batteries lasted for 2 nights). I bought my wife one so that she can use it during power failures (during the typhoon season!!!). It served her well also and we were both delighted with it.

I would have given the Princeton Tec Fuel a 5-star rating but I had one problem with it. The plastic casing and lens cracked even if it is stored in its own case when not in use. I did my best to clean it and store it in a safe place but both mine and my wife’s had the same problem, so I concluded that this is a weak point for the Princeton Tec Fuel.  The cover lock was the first to give then the body started to crumble then the lens became foggy…..  but despite that, 2 years of rugged use qualifies it for a 4.5 – star rating. I hope the next iteration of the Fuel has better and more durable plastics, specially the cover lock.

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