REVIEW – Fox 32 Stepcast Factory Boost Fork

Enjoying the ride with the fox 32 stepcast factory fork in Vermosa MX Tracks and MTB Trails. Photo by Gnard Reyes


One year has passed sinced I used the Fox 32 Stepcast Factory Boost in my Cannondale Trail 5 2018 XC bike. I could not be happier with the experience. With a price tag of Php36000.00 SRP I had really high expectations with this fork. It did not dissappoint me.

Looks – 5 stars

The shiny orange theme and kashima coat finish gives this fork a standout appearance. Need I say more???

Built – 5 stars

The overall build quality is excellent. From the steerer tube, dials, crown, stanchion, lower legs and axle, you can feel and see how tough this fork is.

Travel and Adjustability – 5 stars

This is an XC fork so the 100mm travel is bang on. With a quick dial I can adjust the rebound and play to my liking depending on the terrain I am riding. The lockout is superb for those road climbs. Overall this fork conquers the toughest XCO trail I have ever raced on.

Maintennance – 5 stars

Not that I needed special work to maintain this fork but like any other gear that I love, I give special attention to this fork specially the stanchions. I clean them every after ride with plain water and soft cloth. If there is mud or dirt, I use a soft pressure water hose to remove mud and dirt and I use a carwash shampoo to clean the whole fork. After drying I spray the stanchions with high performance silicone lube and it helps to keep the dust particles away.

Performance – 5 stars

I am not the podium type racer but I do ride hard on downhill trails (due to my enduro background). This fork is a beast taking everything I throw at it with no hesitation. I do sometimes bottom out which for me is a good sign meaning I am able to use the full 100mm travel in the gnarliest trails. I am very happy with the overall performance.

This is not a paid review nor is it very technical. You can search YouTube for more technical stuff ๐Ÿ™‚